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    "Too often we talk about young people as future leaders, but the reality is, teens like Brandon are finding ways to shape our city and influence the conversation right now."

    Mayor of Indianapolis

    Mayor Joe Hogsett

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    "A change agent, or agent of change, is someone who promotes and enables change to happen within any group or organization. With the tragic passing of two of his friends, Brandon Warren became the very definition of Change Agent. He took that tragedy and used it as a catalyst to change not only himself but a local community and beyond. Brandon is an inspiration and I cannot wait to continue seeing lives impacted and changed by his passion and commitment to his cause."

    Senior Pastor, New Beginnings Fellowship Church

    Dr. James A. Jackson, Sr.

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    "Brandon has been a blessing to me and my family! His spirit, smile, heart and determination to make a difference has encouraged us to enjoy life even after we thought we couldn’t any longer. He is an amazing leader and has impacted more people in his short life than most will in a lifetime!! Continue to be YOU and continue to be GREAT!!"

    Grieving Mother

    Jennifer Cameron

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    "Brandon has impacted my life just by being that person not afraid to say that he basically had enough with violence in the community. It’s like he woke up the school and the public about that. I remember there were quite a few people who would have graduated with me but didn’t make but no one spoke for them. But when we heard about Dijon it was like something really needs to change. Him starting an organization and talking across the world really is inspiring. He's doing way more than what the police are doing and I commend him for that, but most importantly through all of the attention he's gotten from the public, across the country, and the awards. He's keeping God in front of it all. He's humble. God has elevated him but he don’t forget that it’s God who is leading him to these things. Watching him grow has helped me grow. It has helped me be not afraid to be that person to stand out and be different. God has given him assignment after assignment and He has been blessing him for being a faithful servant each time."


    A'via Owensby

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    "I am thankful to have Brandon as a big brother. My dad died in 2016 to cancer and since his death I have not been able to count on many male role models.  Maybe it’s because everyone seems to be into supporting me when it’s convenient for them, and not when I need them. Brandon have been super supportive since the first day we met at my first gun violence event. He told me he could mentor me, and he's kept your word. I appreciate him staying engaged in who I am, and who I plan on becoming. He taught me that it's cool to be myself and stand for something other than an athletics. I have always had goals to go to college and play football, now I can say I know someone that is walking into their dreams and willing to share their skills and life experiences with me. I thank him for being real and taking time to mentor me when I am up or down."




    Tony Leadford

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    "Diligence and talent will cause you to serve before kings. Humility will drive you to use your gifts to to extend compassion and mercy. Brandon Warren’s eagerness for knowledge, his heart to serve and his commitment to take action has well-suited him for a passionate life of uplift to those around him."


    Caleb Klaman

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    “Everyone sees Brandon on the news for all his work in the community. Brandon doesn’t go on the news for fame... and he really cares about his community. He is 110% committed to helping prevent violence in our community.” 


    Sredrick Tinker

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    "Brandon is a great example for all people. He is truly inspiring to others. His kind words, "praying for you and thinking of you. Hope to see you soon!" Those are the words that gives me the strength to hope again after the loss of my only child."

    Grieving Mother

    Katherine Duncan

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    "He's opened my mind and soul to the dangers one can face, and ways to stay positive about situations. He's very motivational and I idolize how he is making a change. He's helping families and teens be more aware of dangers. I myself have been more aware of what I’m doing out here, keeping a good attitude, speaking up, fighting for what I believe and just making sure those around me are safe. Am so thankful for Brandon and love him like a brother."


    Jai Murdock

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