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#IAM: Robert Jones 🎬

Throughout the past two to three years, I’ve met a numerous amount of people with some amazing stories, and Robert’s is easily at the top of that list. At the age of only 6 years old, Robert’s life changed forever, that’s when his father murdered his mother which soon followed by a committed suicide. Only 6 years of age and his brother being 5, Robert remembers the night so vividly that he’s able to describe every detail his eyes witnessed.

“He told us he loves us and then told us that he’ll see us soon,” Robert told me.

Those were the words of his father to Robert and his brother before pulling the trigger on himself. Robert also told me after him and his brother took off running, their father tried to shoot at his younger brother but missed.

Now the unfortunate situation that Robert and his family were forced to endure is not what makes Robert’s story amazing, but what makes Robert’s story so amazing is his propelling will not make excuses based on his past but instead, he chose to make A DIFFERENCE DESPITE HIS PAST!

Now 20 years of age, Robert has decided to Become the Next Inspiration by creating his very-own fashion channel, Gentstyle. By creating Gentstyle Robert is able to show young people how to dress well on a budget. His videos often feature fashion for a professional wardrobe, and most of his shopping comes at Goodwill or discount department stores. Robert shows people what to seek in the stores, and how to tailor old clothes to look modern.

Robert is the true definition of what #IAM🎬 is all about, letting what inspires him to draw him to inspire others. Yes, Robert is open about the steps it’s taken him to recover from the tragedy he had to endure while losing his two parents to a murder-suicide, but he is also open on not allowing his past experiences to define him yet instead allowing them to make him stronger so he can continue to inspire others.

Though Robert continues to inspire young people through his inspiring YouTube channel, Robert is continuously seeking other avenues to speak in front of audiences and also advocate for gun violence prevention. If you’d like to help support Robert and his mission on using his story to inspire young people, please feel free to contact Robert on Twitter and Instagram @RealRobertJones or visit his Facebook page.

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