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#IAM: Jacala Holland 🎬

I read in a most recent article that the average age of entrepreneurs in the United States was 45. Well, at only 15 years old, this young entrepreneur is setting the new bar high.

"I knew I didn't want to work for anybody and also seen the need for an increase in hair supply."

Those were the words of Jacala Holland, an upcoming sophomore at Warren Central High School (IN). This up and coming 15-year-old Inspiring Action Mover founded Jacala's Beauty Essentials on April 29, 2019, while still concluding her first year of high school.

"I saw the need and also realized that I wanted to major in entrepreneurship come time for college," Jacala told me.

Based out of the Far Eastside of Indianapolis, Jacala is the CEO of her own beauty supply business. With the help of her mom and Uncle James, Jacala was able to launch her hair supply business by selling her first-ever products-- edge brushes and control.

Jacala says her edge control is available for sale in couple different places located in the Indianapolis area. Customers can purchase her edge control by visiting either Paparazzi Ready Hair Solo (2010 E. 46th Street, Indianapolis, IN) or J's Fashion & Tobacco Accessories (3377 Forest Manor Ave, Indianapolis, IN).

What attracted me to what Jacala does is not just the fact that she's 15 years old with a business, but that she's 15 years old with aspirations to continue to GROW that business. Jacala shared with me that more products are coming soon including mink lashes, dry shampoo, and hair oils.

What also appealed me to Jacala's work is the fact that all of her ingredients are self-made. Jacala does collaborative research on her end before coming up with the natural ingredients for her distributed hair products.

Jacala is inspired by the love of her family which includes her two parents and three siblings. She is the first to admit that without the support of her loved ones then none of the success she's gained would be possible.

Jacala not only gives credit to her family, but she also gives a huge thanks to her customers and supporters. The customer reviews Jacala have received since launching her business has been 'amazing,' according to Jacala. The appealing prices of her products (edge control $10 and edge brushes $1) have been part of the attraction she's been able to build for customers to return.

If you're wanting to support Jacala and her brand new business then you can do so by visiting her webpage or by following her on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. Jacala will also be a vendor at the "She Event," hosted on August 3rd from 11 AM to 6 PM, 3919 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, IN. The event is free and open to the public.

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