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#IAM: Bre Enyeart 🎬

When I first heard about Bre she was considered to be an opponent as we both were up for an award presented by IndyStar, but instantly she was looked to as family. Every time I am nominated for the work I do I find time to read the other nominees' story, and reading Bre's I was instantly moved:

"I do what I do because the youth is such an important part of our future and if I can instill the act of giving in one child then they will pass that inspiration and love to someone else," Bre told me.

Those were the words of Bre after an in-depth conversation about the work God has called her to do, which largely involves her annual Christmas Hospital Toy Drive.

Located in South Bend, Indiana, Bre spends her holiday season worrying about other kids receiving gifts rather than herself. Starting weeks before the Holiday season begins, Bre raises money to be able to purchase and give out gifts to the local kids of her hospital. One of the hospitals Bre found herself in was Beacon Children's Hospital, where she charged a toy drive that raised over $800 they were able to be used to purchase $500 worth of toys than the rest of it as used as a cash donation.

"I hope to inspire some other people to want to do this and not just me, but like just as a community let's come together and give people something special," Bre told reports.

Bre's history of the drive involves Beacon Children's Hospital and another local homeless shelter. Both of her previous drives have raised a grand total of $2,300 in the span of two years. Now going on three years, Bre hopes to bring the Hospital Toy Drive to her university's local hospital, IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

Bre is the true definition of what #IAM🎬 is all about, letting what inspires her to draw her to inspire others. Using her methods of giving back, Bre hopes others may witness her kind heart to be inspired to do the same.

So though Bre continues to open her heart during the holiday season, Bre also finds time to continue to visit the local hospitals and homeless shelters and volunteer. If you’d like to help support Bre and her mission on giving back to our young people, please feel free to contact Bre on Instagram @breaana._ or email her:

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Because of privacy reasons, pictures with the kids could not be included.

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