"The only way to Become The Inspiration is to B The Inspired."

Brandon Warren

Brandon L. Warren is a young empathetic, engaging, knowledgeable and impactful Activist, Author, and Motivational Speaker. With his dynamic personality and innovative approach, each speaking engagement is tailored to the specific audience. As an inspirationist and advocate for young people, Brandon is a multi-national award winner hoisting such awards as the Prudential Spirit of Community State and National Award, the President's Volunteer Service Award, the NBCSL's Regis F. Groff Youth Award, and more. 


"You have to be a domino that's needed today in order to be the change of tomorrow." - BW

After the loss of his beloved friend, Dijon Anderson, Brandon founded the nonprofit We LIVE Incorporated in the year 2017. The organization's mission is to prevent youth violence across America. As an experienced and esteemed young activist, Brandon aims to deliver education, advocation, and prevention methods around youth violence. Brandon believes with the proper guidance, every young person can have the opportunity for a safe and positive path. Book Brandon's speaking services garnered around his activism:


B Inspired a memoir by Brandon Warren

From grievance to activism, Brandon was called upon by his community to immediate leadership. Through many trials he's endured in life outside of his activism, including the loss of friends to violence, Brandon was forced to manage many severe circumstances since beginning his activism while still having to be an inspiration to others. Now 19 years old and using his unique writing abilities, Brandon talks about how he's been able to use every dysfunctional situation he's been faced as fuel to enhance his voice as a leader. B Inspired by reading the fascinating memoir written by Brandon Warren.


Brandon is the consummate storyteller. With expertise and experience covering a variety of topics, audiences leave their talks educated, entertained, and inspired. Brandon strives to make every event a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content. Get ready to be inspired in an authentic way that leaves you ready to conquer your goals and ultimately Become The Inspiration.


"I had to put space between me and the people who protested my progress, and chase my dreams." BW

Listen to the impactful words of Brandon Warren, as he utilizes his unique speaking abilities to inspire others.


"You can't skip steps in the road to success, that includes everything you've been coached to do." - BW

Allow Brandon to put the audience through specified training that will challenge their abilities, but inspire them to reach beyond their potential.



"I had to stop shrinking myself into place I've outgrown and become the leader I've been called to be." - BW

Given the opportunity, Brandon will come and speak about his book as well as given the opportunity for attendees to receive a signed copy.